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What's the Top 10 best flavors of the Air Bar Lux ?

May 12, 2021

Air Bar lux is the upgraded version of the original air bar disposable vape, come with  2.7ml of salt nic e-liquid and 500mAh Internal Battery, each lux device could support up to 1000 puffs, it is the twice puff than the original air bar vape, Air bar lux also provide a varity of new flavors, this is the top 10 best selling flavors on our site:

Top 1> Air Bar lux red bull ------------- 16.7% clients choosed. 

Top 2> Air Bar lux  Blue Raspberry-----16.1%

Top 3Air Bar lux  watermelon apple ice--15.2%

Top 4Air Bar lux  coconut grove  -----14.7%

Top 5Air Bar lux  mixed berries -------14.1%

Top 6Air Bar lux  strawberry watermelon--13.3%

Top 7Air Bar lux  sunset cocktail----12.6%

Top 8Air Bar lux raspberry watermelon -------12.1%

Top 9Air Bar lux  Banana Shake-----11.6%

Top 10>Air Bar lux strawberry mango----11.2%

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